“Workplace Ethics in Information Technology—Copyright and Fair Use.” Participants must identify ethical dilemmas from a business perspective. Students may choose any real case related to this topic. The presentation must include one or more of the following:

• the relationship between the employee and employer

• the relationship between the business and the customer

• the relationship between the business and the economy




You are planning to open an independent retail store selling personalized clothing and accessories in your hometown.  Customers will be able to purchase a variety of shirts, pants, tote bags, cups, and accessories in a variety of colors and, for an additional charge, can have words or images printed onto the items.  Customers can purchase one item or if they purchase in bulk they can receive a discount.  There are two other suppliers in the local area that offer personalized merchandise, but they only offer bulk orders and they do not offer a store front or popular accessories.  You are planning to open your facility in a 10,000 square foot, stand-alone store and warehouse.  You will need to purchase inventory for the store and stock the warehouse for bulk orders.




Business Presentation


You have been asked to give a presentation to a group of small business leaders in your community on how the Affordable Care Act’s rules, costs, and tax implications will likely impact their businesses.






The player is an intern at a large company.  He is navigating a six story office building as a career journey.  Starting at the bottom level, the player will encounter business related obstacles that require new skills.  Fortunately, the player can choose a high school FBLA competitive event to obtain these skills.  The event choice will provide a small text segment of information related to the event skills that should lead to the correct answer or action.  When the skills have been obtained, the player will level up to the next floor of the office building to take on more difficult obstacles and choices.  At the top floor is the goal, a full time job of his dreams.  Other engaging game play may be incorporated during game navigation.  This may include avoiding a distracting coworker, collecting knowledge points, or other creative and entertaining action that fits the theme.  Minimum five skill enhancements per level.  The audience is middle school technology students thinking about joining FBLA in high school.  Games must conform to an ESRB rating of E for Everyone.  (Game theme can be modified to fit financial literacy or other topic of interest.)





You have been contracted to develop the conference registration program for the 2014 FBLA National Fall Leadership Conference.  Your program will allow chapters to register members, adviser, and guests for one of the three NFLCs.  It also will allow each registered participant to preregister for the workshops they will attend during the conference.


You may use any programming language you desire to develop your program, but your program must read from and write to comma separated text files (*.txt).  Your program must have a graphical user interface (not run from a command prompt) and must contain sample data.  You must submit your code as text files (i.e., paste your into a Notepad document and save as a *.txt file—place all text files of code in a folder called TEXTCODE).  You also must supply all necessary supplemental programs /updates/ add-ons necessary to run your program (full installs—not links to downloads).  The program must run from a standalone executable file and should not require installation (i.e., your executable should not install the application on a computer—just run the program).



For this program you will create five comma separated data files as described below.  You must save your data files as text (*.txt) files.  You will need to choos appropriate data types to store and manipulate your data while running the program.


Participants can register for any of the three NFLC conferences.  You will create a data file called CONFERENCES that contains one record for each of the three conferences.  This data file should contain four fields as follows:

·         Unique code for the conference (abbreviation)

·         Location of conference

·         Begin date of conference

·         End date of conference


There are three different types of conference participants:  members, advisers, and guests.  You will create a date file called TYPE that contains one record for each of the three participant types.  This data file should contain two fields as follows:

·         Unique code for the participant type (single letter)

·         Description of participant type


It is necessary to keep track of all the conference participants; therefore, you will need to create a data file called PARTICIPANTS that contains one record for each registered participant.  This data file should contain six fields as follows:

·         Unique number for each participant (can be an auto number)

·         Conference code (must match a code from the CONFERENCES data file)

·         Participant type (must match a code from the TYPES data file)

·         Participant first name

·         Participant last name

·         Chapter number


In order to allow participants to preregister for workshops, you must keep track of the workshops for each conference.  You will create another data file called WORKSHOPS that will contain data on every workshop offering at all three NFLCs and will contain one record for each workshop time.  This data file should contain six fields as follows:

·         Unique member for each workshop (can be an auto number)

·         Conference code (must match a code from the CONFERENCES data file)

·         Workshop name

·         Workshop description

·         Workshop date

·         Workshop state time


Finally, you must keep track of the workshop registrations.  You will create a data file that tracks these registrations called WKSHP_REGISTRATIONS with a record for each workshop registration containing two fields as follows:

·         Workshop ID (populated from the WORKSHOPS data file)

·         Participant ID (populated from the PARTICIPANTS data file)



Your program should run the following reports which should be viewable on screen and in printed formatted with the specifications listed for each report:

·         All conference participants filtered by conference (i.e., select conference and only see associated records) sorted by each of the following:

o   Participant type, last name

o   Chapter number, participant type, last name (i.e., generate a chapter registration confirmation—each chapter should begin on a new page)

·         Participant list for each workshop sorted by last name (each workshop should begin on a new page)

·         Participant schedule showing all preregistered workshops, opening and closing sessions, and other major conference events (suggested formats include grid/matrix or agenda—each participant should begin on a new page)





A renowned publishing firm has hired you to join their executive marketing team for the upcoming release of White Tiger, Yellow Tiger—a novel written by the esteemed author, Christopher Li.  The firm asks that you design the book jacket (includes the front and back covers), an event flier, and a full-color newspaper advertisement.  All documents should be prepared to print in color.


The promotion summary for the novel is as follows:

Two star-crossed lovers meet in the blossoming Southeast Asian landscape during an historic era of great political upheaval.  Their romantic circumstance, though secret, drives them to take up refuge in the dark, mysterious Khmer Jungle where, according to local folklore, the mythic white and yellow tigers convened to make peace with the world.  As a consequence of their generational divide, their recluse reflects the external turmoil, igniting furious tensions over social expectation and meaningful, productive existence.  As the climate, both political and motional, slides from their grip, the space in which they hoped peace would manifest becomes a sight for intense reckoning.


Reviews from major publishers and syndicated news sources include:

“Never have I been so wrenched by a novel.  The essence of poetry in the most tumultuous of moments literally stole my breath.”—Mark Golden, The Associated Print


“Mr. Li is on to something here.  He crafts a political discourse that should be read by every young person confronting the world on a grand scale.  Definitely a worthy addition to every high school summer reading list.”—Kathy Murphy, Harper and Lee Publishing


“A tale of the ages.  A true classic.  Mr. Li establishes himself as the foremost voice of his generation.  His prose and poised composition of political conflict intertwined with environmental and social dialogues yields a striking narrative comparative to the Transcendentalists of the nineteenth century.”—Kelly Page, The Literary Scholar


“Tantalizing.  The exotic backdrops and poignant detail tell a terrifying tale of individuals responding to political disintegration in the only way they know they can.  You experience pure human emotion in Mr. Li’s work.”—Al Samuels, University Press and Co.


“His crafty diction subjects each of his characters to a mysterious, almost sinister representation of human conditions.  Every object from the main characters to the architecture of each precipice comments on the astounding nature of our existence.  We need more writers like Li can compose such relevant discourses on art and human nature.”—Pierce Hanson, News of the Hour [insert short quote from Pierce Hanson]






You, as a designer, will develop a log design for Cupcake Genius, a cupcake and specialty bakery, which gives the company a corporate identity.


You also will create several business documents including (save as appropriate pdf, eps, docx, etc.):

  •  Labels for the packaging.  Cupcake boxes, cake boxes, etc.  Approximate size of the label needs to be 4” wide x 3” tall
  • Business Cards 3.5” wide x 2” tall—standard size
  • Gift Certificates 8.5” wide x 3.5” tall


In addition Cupcake Genius needs some promotional items.  Please develop the design for

  • Decals for the store front windos, window size is 4’ wide x 5’ tall—must be vector-based artwork (acceptable formats:  eps, pdf)
  • Banner for Special Events—6’ wide x 2’ tall—must be vector based artwork (acceptable formats:  eps, pdf)
  • One-quarter page 5.14” x 10.5”) grayscale newspaper advertisement to appear in the Bakery News (acceptable formats :  pdf, jpg, tiff, eps)
  •  Design for the front of an apron—approximate area size is 4” x 4” (acceptable format is pdf or jpg)


Your submission should include everything listed above.





Create a video on the importance of green practices (e.g., energy efficiency, hybrid technology, building certifications, etc.).





Create a site for a touring band, speaker, or author.  Include event schedules, blog, music/book sales, social media links, individual/group biography, ticket purchasing interface, etc.  Information may be fictitious.





Consumers are shopping at traditional brick and mortar stores, on Web sites, and increasingly through mobile applications.  Does the availability of a mobile application provide a business with a stronger consumer base and higher revenue?  Argue either the affirmative or negative that having a mobile application increases consumer base and revenue for businesses.





Your adviser wants to help prepare members for the NLC competition in the chapter’s three subject areas that the members struggle with, and has asked for your help. Your adviser thinks a mobile application that combines a game, social media, and the opportunity for academic advancement through social networking and peer support will motivate and encourage members to improve in competition. Include a reward system built into the App with prizes based on point levels. The App should link to either Facebook or Foursquare to allow check-in functionality with location services.

Create an App for one of the following subjects:

Business Communication

Introduction to Information Technology


Members will share their current level of expertise in one of the given subject areas to include:

I’m an expert and I want to help people!

I’m doing okay and I don’t need help – but I’m not confident enough to help others

I need help

I need a tutor because–I just can’t get the hang of this subject


Members earn points in the following ways (App Developer to determine points earned for each accomplishment):

Bravery Points (first time asking for help)

Help Requested Points

Help Given Points

Tutoring Provided Points

Teacher Study Session Points

Additional points as determined by the App Developer


The App should also give members the ability to share tips, tricks, and study resources with fellow App Users. Points could be awarded for tips that are appreciated by other users. The developer is welcome to add additional challenges and point earning opportunities.






Exercising/Eating Right






Develop a website for a local Bed and Breakfast in your community.  The B & B, Willow Lake, offers honeymoon and anniversary packages, extended stay packages, and general one- or two-night accommodations for travelers.  The business also hosts afternoon tea parties for special occasions such as birthdays and wedding/shower parties.  The breakfast menu is French oriented with fruit and cheese crepes, various croissants, with gluten free options.  The “Tea Party” service includes high-end custom teas and finger sandwiches with an assortment of finger-food sweet options.  The B & B is located in a refurbished home that was built in the 1800’s featuring a fireplace in each room, authentically furnished living and dining rooms, and an outside patio with formal gardens for entertaining.  Highlight (and link to) homepages of local attractions that would entice individuals to stay on property.  Highlight local restaurants for other meal functions.  All information may be based upon your local community or fictitious information.