Research an ethical topic dealing with global business and sweatshops and/or child labor.




You are planning to open a one-stop-shop home improvement store where customers will be able to purchase a variety of items including kitchen cabinets, closets, outdoor decks, curio cases, lighting, surveillance cameras, furniture, home theater equipment, flooring, and other home enhancements. Competition includes hardware stores, furniture stores, entertainment and electronics stores, and interior design companies.


Your niche is that everything available in these stores can be purchased in one location where customers can get bundle deals on multiple goods to save money. You are planning to open your facility in a 25,000 square foot, stand-alone store and warehouse. You will need to purchase inventory for the store and stock the warehouse, as well as hire contractors, installers, and truck drivers to assist with the delivery and set up of the building and the inventory.




You have been asked to make a presentation to the local Chamber of Commerce members on how they can protect themselves from Identity Theft.




You are a computer virus tracker. You live inside a computer and travel the network looking for viruses and malware. When some are detected, you have to travel to the infection site and launch anti-virus software discs at the malware minions. Escalate the adventure from basic network bugs to a Web Bot boss. Take note in design to include computer networking structure and devices.




Some of your friends have started their own band and have asked you to be their marketing manager. You have been given the task to develop their promotional materials. You will need to design a poster that they will display in towns where they perform, a brochure they will send to different markets promoting the band, a business card, and quarter-page advertisement they will use for newspapers, magazines, and other areas.




Furry Friends Animal Shelter has asked you to develop an animal records system. You will create an interface that allows supervisors and staff to enter information regarding each animal and then to print reports based on the information.

The initial screen should ask for the following basic information:

Case Number (unique identifier)

* If a case number is entered, the screen with all information about the animal should appear.

* If no case number is entered, then a new arrival button should be available.

The following information should be available for entry for all new arrivals.

* Animal Name

* Animal Type (only options should be Dog, Cat, or Other)

* Animal Age (numeric field only)

* Date of Birth (if known)

* Date of Arrival (by default, should be the current date)

Micro-chipped (need a field for Yes/No)

* If yes, need to have field for chip number, owner, and date contacted.

* If no, need to have field for date of micro-chipping and chip number.

* Relinquishing Party

* Cage Number (numeric field only)

Upon arrival, all animals are placed in quarantine until all test results have returned. The report will show cage numbers for all animals in quarantine. The report should begin with the letter Q.

After the initial screen information is entered, the screen should then advance to a special screen based on the animal type. Then the additional information should be able to be entered based on animal type.


General Information Fields



Options for this field should come from data from codes tables in a database or flat file.

* Weight (numeric field)

* Hair color

* Type of hair (long/short)

Animal Sex

* Male/Female (only options)

Spayed/Neutered (field for Yes/No)

* If not, the procedure must be scheduled. Include a field for Date of Procedure.

Flea Test

* Need a field for Yes/No

* If yes, need date of first treatment.

Heartworm Test

* Need a field for Positive/Negative only

* Need a field for test date

* If positive, need a field for date medication begins and

a field for retest date.


Need a check box for each and a field for entering a date

* Rabies

* Distemper

* Bordetella


General Information Fields


Options for this field should come from data from codes tables in a database or flat file.

Weight (numeric field)

* Hair color

* Type of hair (long/short)

Sex of Animal

* Male/Female (only options)

* Spayed/Neutered (field for Yes/No)

* If not, procedure must be scheduled. Include a field for Date of Procedure.

Flea Test

* Need a field for Yes/No

* If yes, need date of first treatment.


* Need a field for Yes/No

* If no, need a field for declawing. The only options should be two/four.

* When a cat is adopted, the new owners are given the option of having the cat declawed.

Feline Leukemia Test

* Need a field for Positive/Negative only

* Need a field for test date


* Rabies



General Information Fields

* Animal Type

* Weight (numeric field)

* Animal Appearance description

* Vaccinations


This should be a general description area.

The program also should calculate the cost of each animal at the shelter. The owners or managers of the shelter need to calculate the cost for each animal in order to determine the cost for adoptions. Also calculations need to be made for the average cost of an animal’s stay. Below is a list of the basic costs.


* Micro-chipped $5.00

* Flea Treatment $10.00

* Vaccinations $15.00 ea.


* Heartworm $10.00

* Feline Leukemia $15.00

* Rabies $30.00

* Daily $10.00

* Once a month flea preventions $3.00

* Spay/Neutered $75.00


The application should generate the following reports.

Client Report: This report is given to a client upon adoption. The information should have the company name centered at the top. The report should contain the following information:

* Animal name

* Animal age (numeric field only)

* Date of birth (if known)

* Micro-chipped information

* Breed

* Weight (numeric field)

* Hair color

* Type of hair (long/short)

Animal sex (Male/Female)

* Spayed/Neutered information

* Vaccination information

Inventory Report: This report should list each animal in the shelter and its location.

Cost Report: This report should allow the owner/manager to pull up any animal in the shelter and find a detailed list of all the expenses for the animal.


Expense Report: This report should allow the owner/manager the opportunity to list total expenses for all the animals in the shelter.




You are on the staff of a large marketing firm in New York City and Miles Stanish has hired your firm. He is opening a bicycle store in New York and plans to name it Cycle Fitness. Your firm is to design a new logo for this new shop as well as for future locations he plans to open.


Cycle Fitness plans to hold free seminars on bike safety, cycling for fitness, what to look for when buying a bicycle, choosing the right bike, choosing a bike for a child, and creating a cycle group that will be doing monthly cycle trips. Your firm must design the new logo, a grand opening postcard for mailing, a business card, a rack card that will sit on the counter in a holder indicating all the seminars offered, a quarter-page advertisement, and a t-shirt.


Information: Opening Date is June 1; Address: 123 Avenue of the America, New York, NY 20013, phone 212.555.3456


Components:  logo will be full color and should be incorporated on all of the printed pieces; grand opening postcard will be printed full color both sides with a mail panel (8.5” wide x 5.5” tall); business cards will be full color, with bleeds, 1 side (2” wide x 3.5” tall vertical card); rack card will be full color both sides (4” wide x 9” tall); one-quarter page (5.14” x10.5”) grayscale broadsheet newspaper advertisement to appear in newspapers for grand opening.




Create a FBLA membership video to recruit FBLA members in your school and to show at career fairs and to the community.



Consumer products sold by brand name companies have been facing increasing challenges throughout the recession as well as the increase in online shopping. Brand loyalty in three categories (food, beverage, and household goods) has decreased for three years (2013 American Pantry Study). The amount of consumers willing to purchase their traditional brands, regardless of whether the brand is on sale or not, has decreased from 33 percent in 2010 to 29 percent in 2012. One of the reasons this is occurring is competition from consumer products private label choices. The 2013 American Pantry Study found that 88 percent of consumers who have become purchasers of private label products will not return to their previous national brand purchases even once the economy has recovered.

* How will this trend positively affect the overall consumer products industry?

* How will this trend negatively affect the overall consumer products industry?



Your school has asked you to write a mobile application announcing activities at your school including dates, times, and contact information. With this app include an events list that retrieves events starting at the current day and extending into the next few months. Include a banner image scroller to this application.




Green Teens—Produce a PSA that points out simple life changes teens can make that will impact our environment in a positive way.





Develop a website for Cycle Fitness, a new company opening up in New York City. The shop’s address is 123 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 20013.The store will be selling a variety of bicycles including road bikes, mountain bikes, cycolcross bikes, folding bikes, electric-assist bikes, women’s bikes, children bikes, etc. The owner also plans to have seminars on bike safety, cycling for fitness, choosing the right bike, etc. as well as have monthly cycle trips in and out of the city. Highlight the different types of bicycles, seminars, and trips. Include a Q&A section and contact section.