3D Animation

Many companies are required to protect the environment and “go green.”  Use 3D animation in a promotional/marketing video to show the importance of going green as an important business sustainability step.


Business Ethics

Research the ethical issues of social media platform checks in relation to employment.


Business Financial Plan

You are planning to open a Family Entertainment Center (FEC) in a city with a population of approximately 200,000.  You will lease an existing 30,000 square foot building that is currently empty with nothing but four outside walls in an area that is already properly zoned for your business venture.  You can design your FEC as you wish, but it must be completely indoors and include an arcade and food.  You will also be offering party packages to your customers.

You will need to name your FEC, create the theme, and design the floor plan for needed construction/renovation.  You will need to purchase equipment, furnishings, and inventory for your decided launch date.  You will need to determine hours of operation, decide staffing requirements, and create marketing and advertising plans.


Coding & Programming

Develop a database program to manage the general operations of a Family Entertainment Center (FEC).  Give the FEC a name.  The program must allow the user to complete at minimum the following tasks:

  •          Enter/view/edit a list of employees
  •          Create/edit a weekly work schedule for employees
  •          Generate/print weekly schedule reports
  •          Enter attendance of customers
  •          Enter/track, generate, and print report(s) showing customer attendance by time of day (AM/PM) and day of week.


Computer Game & Simulation Programming

Create a 1980’s style video arcade game.  The game must include:

  •        at least three(3) levels of play
  •        3 lives/chances
  •        keep score
  •        run on a PC using Windows 7 or newer                                                                                                                  
  •        be a standalone executable program
  •        be virus and malware free
  •        contain a celebratory event and conclusion
  •        leaderboard
  •        audio and visual indicator that the game has been completed
  •        run solely by keyboard stroke
  •        qualify for a maximum ESRB rating of E10+


Digital Video Production

Create a promotional video for a new, member original TV series or movie.  The rating should meet “G” requirements.



Create a site that would allow a platform for a digital yard sale to raise funds to attend NLC.  The site must include a shopping cart and a place to donate funds for those not wishing to make a purchase.  The items must be searchable.  A contact form must be available.


Emerging Business Issues

In the ever changing world of business communication and demand for instantaneous information, discuss the issues surrounding cloud computing in relation to storage, access and security. Be prepared to argue the affirmative, that cloud computing would positively answer the demand for instantaneous information; and be prepared to argue the negative, that cloud computing is not the answer to instantaneous information.


Graphic Design

You have been hired as a graphic designer for a new Family Entertainment Center (FEC) opening in a city with a population of approximately 200,000. Provide a branding package for the owners that would include a name for the FEC, logo, theme, store front design, interior and exterior signage, and menu boards.


Introduction to Business Presentation

Create a presentation for professional members, local businesses, and/or vendors to encourage participation in and benefits of judging opportunities at FBLA competitions.


Mobile Application Development

Create a mobile application that would allow a platform for a digital yard sale to raise funds to attend NLC.  The app should allow for the donation of items, including picture, suggested price, and a rating for the condition of the item. The app should allow for interaction/comments on the items.  Code should be error free.


Public Service Announcement

Develop a public service announcement that addresses the safety and security surrounding the use of drones.


Publication Design

Create a publication portfolio promoting a new, member original TV series or movie.  The portfolio should include a poster, character cutout design, ¼ page newspaper advertisement, and three additional promotional products.  Everything should meet "G" rating requirements.


Social Media Campaign

Create a social media marketing campaign to create buzz surrounding an upcoming, new, member original TV series or movie.  Use a minimum of three different social media platforms.  Everything should meet "G" rating requirements.


Website Design

Develop a website for a new Family Entertainment Center (FEC) opening in a city with a population of approximately 200,000.  Name the FEC.  The FEC will be offering a variety of activities of your choice with a snack bar.  The FEC will offer party packages to their customers. The website should allow customers to check availability for parties and make party reservations online.  The site should also include a contact page.