This event provides FBLA members with an opportunity to produce an electronic career portfolio that is a purposeful collection of work that tells the story of an applicant including achievements, growth, vision, reflection, skills, experience, education, training, and career goals.


Competencies for this event include:  good written communication skills, organizational skills, creativity, career development, technology skills—Internet and computer programs, and knowledge of employability skills and trends.



District             Number of participants governed by local FBLA District policy.


State                Each district may be represented by participants based on the Florida FBLA scaled quota system found in the Fact Finder. Participants may not have entered this event at a previous National Leadership Conference or placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th at a previous State Leadership Conference.


National          See publication:  National Chapter Management Handbook—current edition.  NOTE:  The national level does not require a pre-judged portion to be submitted.  National is solely based on a performance.  Be sure to refer to national guidelines if preparing for the National Leadership Conference.



·     The presentation must be mailed to the State Association so that it is received by the date specified in the State Conference Registration Packet.  Entries will not be returned.


·     Student members, not advisers, must prepare presentations.  Local advisers should serve as consultants to ensure that the presentations are well organized, contain substantiated statements, and are developed in an acceptable business style.


·     Participants in this event must be registered for the State Leadership Conference or their entry will not be judged. Finalists must complete both parts of the event to be eligible to win an award.


·     Presentations should be clearly labeled with the name of the event, student participants, and their school name, and state.



(NOTE:  For national competition, you do not submit a prejudged project.  If you are preparing for national, be sure to follow the national guidelines)

Presentations must address the topic as described in the COMPETENCIES section above.  Entries will be judged according to the rating sheet.


    The event is to be specific to the career goals and professional experiences that the student has completed; it is not a showcase of FBLA experiences.


    All information should reflect the student’s accomplishments and experiences that have actually occurred.


    The portfolio should have no more than 30 pages (i.e., slides, links, text files). 


     Portfolios must include: a resume and a career summary.  The career summary should include career choice, description of career, skills and education required, and future job outlook (e.g., monetary, advancement).


    Sample materials must also be included in the portfolio.  These samples must include, but are not limited to the following:

Career-Related Education:  Describe career-related education that enhances employability.  Include a summary of school activities, career research projects,  application of business education, and/or related occupational skills and their relationship to job.


Educational Enhancement:  Describe educational opportunities that enhance employability.  Include career opportunities development planning, summaries of job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships, informational interviews, community service projects, and products developed during these experiences.


Examples of Special Skills:  Includes up to five examples of special skills, talents, and/or abilities related to job and career goals.  These may be in any format but must fit within the dimensions of the portfolio.  Audio and/or video recordings may be included in the portfolio.


     The portfolio may be submitted on a CD, DVD, USB flash drive, or via a URL address.



Based on the results of the preliminary competition, the highest prejudged project scores, a maximum of five individuals will advance to finals and will make an oral presentation at the State Leadership Conference.  The individuals selected will be notified prior to the State Leadership Conference…only these five will participate in the presentation.


Five (5) minutes will be allowed to set up equipment and seven (7) minutes to deliver the presentation.  The school must provide all equipment for the presentation.  Florida FBLA-PBL will provide a screen and a table.


The individual has seven (7) minutes to present.  A timekeeper will stand at six (6) minutes and again at seven (7) minutes.  When each individual is finished, the timekeeper will record the time used noting a deduction of five (5) points for any presentation over seven (7) minutes.  Following each oral presentation, the judges will conduct a three-minute question-and-answer period.

The performance is open to conference attendees, except performing participants of this event.


Participants must adhere to the dress code established by the Board of Directors or they will not be permitted to participate in the competitive event.



Pre-judged projects will be judged by a panel of judges prior to the State Leadership Conference.  Oral presentations will be judged by a panel at the conference.  All judges’ decisions are final.



State awards for the top five (5) places are presented at the State Leadership Conference during the Awards Assembly.



The judges will determine the number of awards presented at the National Leadership Conference.  The maximum number will be ten (10.)