Business Ethics

Review a recent ethical case related to the automobile industry and discuss why it happened; how it should be resolved; and what could have prevented it.


Business Law

Research a court case regarding patent infringement and analyze the findings.


Business Presentation

You are the Chief Information Officer of a large and complex organization that relies heavily on brand name recognition and respect. Make a presentation to a group of new managers on the importance of promoting social media etiquette in the workplace.


Computer Animation

Create a character to be a spokesman for business ethics. Once the character is designed, create an animated video discussing the importance of ethics in business.


Desktop Publishing

You have been hired by a small business owner who recently purchased a retail shoe store, named Sole Mate Shoes, to develop a marketing package which includes a company logo, a 1/2 page advertisement, a brochure, and a poster.  These items must be utilized in both a digital and traditional paper format.


Emerging Business Issues

Telecommuting is an increasing trend in business, and there are benefits and drawbacks for both the employee and employer. Discuss both the affirmative (benefits of telecommuting) and the negative (drawbacks of telecommuting) from the employer’s standpoint.


Future Business Educator (Unit Plan)

Create a unit plan for an Introduction to Business course that would cover social responsibility concepts. The plan should include a pre-assessment, assessments, activities, and other ancillary materials that may be needed. Assessments must be original in nature and not copied from published textbook materials. Each item must be clearly labeled.  Six copies of the unit plan materials must be received by the second Friday in May.  Each copy should be found with a cover page listing the student name, school, state, unit title, and name of the competitive event.


Mobile Application Development

An app is to be created that allows FBLA-PBL members to interact and share their opinions and ideas for new employees to adapt to various business environments. This can include issues such as seeking out mentors, networking within and outside the organization, building a career path, etc.


Social Media Challenge

Create a social media campaign to market a business that prepares resumes and business contacts for recent college graduates. You must use at least three sources of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.


Strategic Analysis & Decision Making

In the extremely competitive airline market Southwest Airlines has remained a successful corporation. Southwest Airlines is a major domestic airline that primarily provides short-haul, high-frequency, point-to-point, low-fare service. Founded in 1971 and headquartered in the US, Southwest is a large low-cost airline. Airlines rely on key inputs such as aircraft, fuel, and costs. FORTUNE has listed Southwest among America’s Top Ten most admired companies. Utilize a subset of the following strategic tools to develop a recommended strategy to take advantage of Southwest’s strengths or negate Southwest’s weaknesses. You will present this recommended strategy and the analysis utilized to develop the strategy. Tool options include, but are not limited to:

  • External Analysis: Macro Environment, Industry Environment, Competitive Analysis
  • Internal Analysis: Financial Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, SWOT Analysis
  • Strategy Formulation: Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives Analysis, Market Demands Analysis, Business Strategy Options Development
  • Strategy Recommendation
  • Strategic Recommendation Implementation Issues


Website Design


You are asked to develop a website for a new resort in your hometown. The site should include accommodations information, menu information for the onsite restaurant, and unique resort features. Include a reservation page, calendar of events, and contact form.