The purpose of the Professional Division is to provide an opportunity for all individuals to promote the goals of Florida FBLA-PBL. 

  1. Participate in worthwhile undertakings for the improvement of business and the community;

  2. Form a speaker's bureau to inform business leaders of activities of FBLA-PBL and to assist chapter program development;

  3. Create interest in and understanding of the intelligent choice of business occupations;

  4. Strengthen the confidence of individuals in themselves and their work;

  5. Encourage the development of competent, aggressive business leadership;

  6. Establish and improve standards for entrance into business occupations;

  7. Help ease the transition from school to the business community;

  8. Provide recommendations and referrals for job opportunities;

  9. Provide assistance in planning and conducting leadership conferences, meetings, and other Florida FBLA-PBL activities;

  10. Provide assistance in establishing local and state business advisory councils; and

  11. Provide assistance and support to Florida FBLA-PBL and its national projects and activities.

  12. Several years ago, the Florida FBLA-PBL Professional Division established an endowment fund to assist Florida FBLA-PBL with activities and scholarships. This fund continues to grow and the Professional Division is committed to using the funds for the sole purpose of assisting FBLA and PBL members.


Utilize the services of the Professional Division by having its members speak to your chapter, participate in seminars, assist at conferences, arrange tours, serve on advisory councils, and participate in many other activities. Support the Florida FBLA-PBL Professional Division by joining when you graduate or encouraging others to join. For membership forms and more information regarding this division contact:

Mr. Albert Amaya
Professional Division President
9601 SW 142 Avenue, Apt. 1127
Miami, Florida 33186
(305) 904-2050