This event honors outstanding FBLA members who have demonstrated leadership qualities, participation and interest in FBLA, and evidence of knowledge and skills essential for successful careers in business.  

This event consists of:  a letter of application and resume, which must be composed prior to the conference; a one-hour objective test including questions about FBLA organization, bylaws, and handbook; national competitive event guidelines, national publications, creed and national goals, business knowledge (such as accounting, banking, law, etc.), and an interview.


Participants must have paid state and national dues postmarked by December 15 of the current school year.

District    Number of participants governed by local FBLA District policy.
State        Each district may be represented by participant(s) based on the Florida FBLA scaled quota system found in the Fact Finder.
National    See national guidelines: www.fbla-pbl.org.



District    Each district determines its own procedures for event registration.

State        When it has been determined that a student will represent the district at state competition, the student's local adviser must send the appropriate entry form and materials to the state adviser by first-class mail.  The entry form and the required receipt deadline are included in the SLC registration packet.

National    See national guidelines: www.fbla-pbl.org.

•    Participants must be selected in accordance with the regulations of the FBLA district and state chapters and the national association.
•    Participants must not have entered this event at a previous National Leadership Conference or placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in this event at a previous State Leadership Conference.
•   Participants failing to report on time may be either disqualified or permitted to begin late with no extension of the time as scheduled.
•    Participants must furnish their own No. 2 pencils and erasers.  Nongraphing calculators will be provided.  No electronic devices may be brought to the event.     No reference materials or other items are to be brought to the event.
•    Participants must adhere to the dress code established by the Board of Directors or they will not be permitted to participate in the competitive event.
•    Each participant must submit three copies of  the following items:
a.    A one-page letter of application for the award addressed to the state adviser of Florida FBLA-PBL (Mrs. Jody Jones) at the state office (P. O. Box 1106, Zephyrhills, FL 33539-1106).  The letter should state the reasons this participant is deserving of the honor of this award.
b.    A brief resume not to exceed two pages.  Be sure to list your FBLA activities and involvement.  Photographs are not allowed.
•    All copies of the above materials must be submitted in three (3) standard file folders.  The tab of the folders must be labeled with the event title, participant’s name, state, and school.  Include the participant’s name on all pages submitted.  The materials must be sent to the state office by the date specified in the State Leadership Conference registration packet.  Participants failing to submit materials by the stated receipt deadline may be disqualified.
•    Participants must also bring one copy of these materials to the event.
•    Administrators will deduct up to five (5) points from the score of participants who submit materials by the stated deadline but do not adhere to the event guidelines for the submission of proper materials.  
•    The letters of application and resumes must be prepared by student members, not advisers.  Local advisers should serve as consultants to ensure that the letters of application and resumes are well organized, contain substantiated statements, and are written in a business style.

A letter of application and resume must be submitted as previously listed under REGULATIONS.  These items must not be stapled together.


Participants will be divided into groups and will be scheduled for a ten (10) minute initial interview.  The interview times will be assigned at random by an impartial person in the event office.

Based on 50 percent written objective test scores, 50 percent initial interview scores, and 25 percent materials score, finalists from each group will be selected.

In the event that fewer than 15 participants register for this event, the final round may be eliminated and winners selected based on the preliminary rating sheet.

Judges will be provided with a copy of each participant’s application materials.  No items, reference materials, visual aids, or electronic devices may be brought or used in the interview or left with the judges.

Finalists will be assigned times at random for their final performance.  Final interviews will be fifteen (15) minutes in length.   


The objective tests will be machine graded.  
The interview portion of this event will be evaluated by a panel of judges.  The final interview scores will be used in determining the winners.  In the case of a tie, the objective test scores will be used to determine the final rank.  All decisions of the judges are final.  


District    The number of awards presented at the District Leadership Conference is determined by local FBLA District policy.
State        State awards for the top five places in each event are presented at the SLC.
National    The number of awards presented at the National Leadership Conference is determined by judges and/or number of entries.  The maximum number will be ten.