Meet your Florida FBLA 2018-2019 State Officers

The decision to serve as an FBLA State Officer is one that sets a person apart as one of the most dedicated and driven leaders in our organization. State officers serve a one year term and represent Florida FBLA to businesses leaders, education officials, community partners, and most importantly the state membership.

Zachary Sahin

FBLA State President

Zachary Sahin is a senior at Pensacola High School, and is excited to be serving his second term as the Florida FBLA state president.

"If not us, who? If not now, when?"--John F. Kennedy.  Zach is passionate about FBLA and honored and ready to make things happen as your 2018-19 state president.  He has worked on the SRVP National Council and has been bot a chapter and district officer.  Returning for his second term as state president, Zach looks forward to leading Florida FBLA alongside the members as they strive to have a positive impact in Florida.



Madison Jones

FBLA Region I Vice President

Madison, is a senior at Bethlehem High School and a dual enrollment student through Chipola College.

Madison is thrilled to be serving as the 2018-19 Region I Vice President.  She has been a member of FBLA for four years and has served as her chapter's president for two years.  Her goal while in office is to encourage more students to join this amazing organization through creating FBLA awareness on school campuses.  Madison looks forward to working with her fellow state officers this year and making a difference.



Brody mandelbaum

Region II Vice President

Brody is a senior at Fernandina Beach High School and is honored to be serving as your 2018-19 Region II Vice President

Brody has served on the chapter and district level while also serving on the Southern Region Vice President's National Council.  Brody's goals for the year are to improve communication alon with improving financial literacy in Florida.  He believes that when members and chapters from across the state communicate, they can Dare to Dream.  



melisssa espinosa

Region III Vice President

Melissa is a junior attending Eustis High School located in Central Florida.

Melissa has been ammember since 2011, and is honored to be serving as a first-time state officer.  She looks forward to working with and for Florida FBLA for the benefit of its members.



aditi mishra

Region IV Vice President

Aditi is a sophomore at C. Leon King High School in the International Baccalaureate program and is honored to be serving her first term as your 2018-19 Region IV Vice President

Aditi has been an active member since the seventh grade, also serving as a two term District President.  She wants to make sure that Florida FBLA members come first.  Aditi is excited to give back to the organization that has already given her so much.



Shady Mina

FBLA State Secretary

Shady is a senior at Palm Harbor University High School.

Shady is truly thrilled to be serving the organization and all of its members.  He has served as his chapter secretary as well as District 12 secretary for two years.  This is his second term as the Florida FBLA State Secretary.  He is able to speak four languages and wishes to connect all members across the state, by increasing their involvement, so that they can become true leaders.



Kenai Gupte

FBLA State Reporter

Kenai is a senior at Middleton High School and cannot wait to meet all of Florida FBLA.

Kenai is serving his first year as a state officer and is excited to be serving Florida's finest.  He has served as reporter for both District 8 and 9, and he looks forward to working with all of Florida.  Kenai wants to communicate directly with you, to ensure your success is the coming year.



Indu Parameswaran

FBLA State Parliamentarian

Indu is proud to be a sophomore at Middleton High School and to serve on the State Officer Team.

Indu values committed leadership and community service in every leader that she admires, whether in or out of FBLA.   She aspires to serve every member with the leadership that they deserve, strengthening individual skills to fuel overall success. Indu believes that new projects and service actions will accelerate achievements of local and state FBLA.