During the school year, schools may participate in both the fall and spring online LifeSmarts Competition.  Teams are made up of two (2) members from active local chapters, on record in the national center as having paid dues by March 1 of the current school year.  A team member cannot be on more than one team.  Teams may compete in both the fall and spring competitions, and more than one (1) team may compete per chapter.  Team members cannot be changed once a team has registered.  



This event challenges students to integrate multiple areas of business knowledge and skills, using critical-thinking skills and teamwork during competition.  Student teams will compete online during the fall and spring competitions.  Teams will:

•    Register online
•    Compete individually, with both team members completing a 60-question quiz across all LifeSmarts topic areas
•    Demonstrate leadership by completing a team personal finance assessment
•    Complete a team consumer assessment
•    Receive a cumulative score after completing all activities
•    Be ranked against other participating FBLA teams



The top twelve (12) nationally ranked teams from each FBLA LifeSmarts Competition—both fall and spring but no more than one (1) per state, per challenge—are eligible to compete at NLC.  These twenty-four (24) teams are determined by the standings in the fall and spring FBLA LifeSmarts Competition which is administered via the Internet during the school year.

At NLC teams will compete four times:
•    Two (2) buzzer matches
•    One (1) team activity
•    One (1) individual assessment per team member

Scores are cumulative.  The top six (6) teams advance to the semifinals, and the two (2) semifinal winners compete in the championship.


Teams selected for national competition may not compete in another individual or team event at national.