This event honors a Florida school that charters or reactivates additional schools.  Additional charters provide more students with the opportunity to become better prepared for careers in business and make the expansion of district, state and national services and activities possible.




All active chartered schools are eligible.  Schools which merely install officers and members of charters already active DO NOT qualify for this event.




State:           The chartering or reactivation of FBLA charters will be used in the computation of this event as indicated by the chartering applications received in the state office.


National:     A local chapter must recruit a minimum of two (2) new/reactivating charters to qualify.


NOTE:  On the state level, only one charter may receive credit for chartering/reactivating a charter.




State:           The local school must submit to the state adviser, in the form of a letter, the following information for each school chartered/reactivated:
 a. Charter number
 b. Name of school
 c. Complete mailing address of school
 d. Activities completed to charter or reactivate
 e. Date chartered or reactivated


The winning school in this event is determined by the state office records of paid memberships received in the state office postmarked first-class December 15 of the current school year.


National:     See publication:  National Chapter Management Handbook—current edition.



Judges for the event are members of the state staff.  The information provided in the letter is verified by records in the national office.



A trophy is presented at the State Leadership Conference.