The Pansy B. Read Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit recognizes outstanding Florida chapters that have actively participated in projects and programs identified with the goals of FBLA/PBL.



Local Florida FBLA charters in good standing may be nominated by the state adviser for consideration by National FBLA/PBL for a Hollis and Kitty Guy Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit.



• Florida may select no more than 15 percent of its total number of active schools to receive this honor.


• The state adviser will complete the appropriate national entry form and certify that the chapters listed have met the Gold Seal Award of Merit criteria.


• The local adviser must write a letter to the state adviser indicating the chapter's desire to be included on the list of nominations.  This letter must be accompanied by a copy of the Local Chapter Annual Business Report and be received in the state office no later than the date specified in the SLC registration packet.



At the beginning of the new school year, FBLA charters should review the suggested criteria for the Gold Seal Charter Award of Merit.  This list serves as a guide for the state office in the evaluation process.


Criteria may include:
• Paid state and national dues by October 20. 
• Conducted projects or programs identified with the goals of FBLA-PBL.
• Recruited professional members. 
• Sent representatives to FBLA conferences sponsored by the state chapter and national association. 
• Participated in the FBLA Business Achievement Awards Program
• Encouraged other schools to organize FBLA or PBL chapters. 
• Participated in state and national project(s) for the current year. 
• Planned visits to business and industry. 
• Conducted financial development projects, if allowed by school administration. 
• Invited businesspersons and other professionals to become involved in chapter activities. 
• Promoted FBLA-PBL. 
• Conducted a public relations program in the school and community and documented the activities with newspaper clippings and reports of radio/TV coverage.
• Become a member of the Florida FBLA-PBL Foundation.




The charter files in the state and national offices and the Local Chapter Annual Business Report will be examined by the judges to substantiate evidence submitted.




The Pansy B. Read Award of Merit nominees are identified in the State Leadership Conference printed program.



Hollis and Kitty Guy Gold Seal Chapter Awards of Merit are presented at the National Leadership Conference only.  The number of awards presented at the NLC is determined by the number of eligible nominations submitted by the state adviser.