This event is based on the Virtual Business Personal Finance web-based simulation.  The VBC consists of two challenges during the year (fall and spring).  Members will use this simulation to test their skills at managing their own financial lives and will compete against students across the country.  Students file taxes, open bank accounts, apply for credit cards, monitor credit scores, apply for jobs, purchase insurance, and more.  The online simulation is 100 percent web based.

Participation in this event incorporates the personal finance topics of budgeting, saving, opening bank accounts, getting a credit card, monitoring credit scores, education and advancement, online banking, paying taxes, finding a job, and insurance.  During the challenge, FBLA members are required to:

  • Register an individual or team up to three individuals

  • Run the simulation

  • Submit scores

  • Compete and be ranked against other participating FBLA teams



The top twenty nationally ranked teams from each VBC—both fall and spring but no more than one per state, per challenge—are eligible to compete.  The NLC event will take place as an online competition prior to NLC.  Competitors must be registered for NLC and pay registration fee.

Individual members or a team of two or three members from active, local chapters may participate in both the fall and spring online VBC.  A team member cannot be on more than one team at a time.  Team members cannot be changed once a team has registered.  Members are unable to participate in any other event if they have qualified and plan on participating in the NLC event.



Register when the challenge opens before the starting date. 

Round 1:  October 22, 2019- November 15, 2019

Round 2:  February 3, 2020-February 28, 2020

NLC Round:  May 18, 2020-May 22, 2020

The top twenty  nationally ranked teams from each Challenge, both fall and spring but no more than one per state, per challenge, are eligible to compete in the NLC online challenge.  These 40 teams are determined by the standings in the fall and spring VBC administered via the Internet during the school year.

The NLC online Challenge will consist of a simulation file that competitors will have access to for five days.  During that time, competitors may work through the file as many times as possible to earn their highest score.  Competitors will be ranked based upon their simulated net worth.


NOTE:  The FBLA VBC is an official event brought to FBLA chapters through a partnership with Knowledge Matters.