This award honors Florida PBL members who have made outstanding contributions to the organization at the local, district, state, and national levels. 




One candidate from each PBL charter may be nominated for Who’s Who.  If a charter has a state officer, that officer and one additional member may be nominated. 


NOTE: In order for a state officer to be eligible for this award, he/she must submit the required materials.




State:            Entry form provided in the SLC registration packet and portfolio must be sent to the state advisers’ office by the local adviser postmarked first-class mail by the date specified in the SLC registration packet.


National:      See publication:  Chapter Management Handbook—current edition.



• Each entry must include a cover page with the following information:
    Student’s name
    Chapter name and number
    Adviser’s name
    District number


• Each entry must be submitted in a ring-type binder or notebook using dividers and tabs to indicate major divisions of activities.


• Entries should show businesslike presentation and arrangement of all information and should exhibit student’s competency in the use of business skills such as organization of information, grammar and usage, and keyboarding.


• Entries must be accompanied by a single form showing sponsor’s or other official’s certification of all activities included in the report.


• The candidate must not be participating in the Christopher Heider Event at the same State Leadership Conference.


• Entries not following these procedures shall be disqualified.


• After initial judging of the entries has taken place, the highest scoring individuals will be scheduled for an interview for the Rob Kelleher Memorial Award at the State Leadership Conference. 


• The winner of the Rob Kelleher Memorial Award will be Florida’s candidate for the National Who’s Who in Phi Beta Lambda.  Previous winners are not eligible.



Reports will be reviewed at the state level for adherence to the stated criteria for nomination.  Competent judges will verify point totals claimed by each participant on the rating sheet. 




The Who’s Who recipients in Florida Phi Beta Lambda will receive a plaque at the State Leadership Conference.