Meet your Florida PBL 2018-2019 State Officers


The decision to serve as a PBL State Officer is one that sets a person apart as one of the most dedicated and driven leaders in our organization. State officers serve a one year term and represent Florida PBL to businesses leaders, education officials, community partners, and most importantly the state membership.

Brian ceballos

State President

Brian is thrilled to be your 2018-19 Florida PBL State President.

Brian is a senior at Florida International University, pursuing a Bachelor's in Business Administration with a focus on Business Analytics.  This is Brian's 9th year in Florida FBLa-PBL and he is eager to serve out his second term as a state officer.  Brian truly believes in FBLA-PBL and its ability to prepare members.  After serving as a local, district, and state officer during his tenure in the organization, he looks forward to creating more value for the members. His ultimate goals are to create a lasting, positive experience on members and encourage them to take advantage of every opportunity that is presented.



Kami Presley

PBL District I Vice President

Kami is honored to serve as your PBL District I Vice President.

With a professional background rich with management, training, and customer service experience, Kami is now pursuing a Bachelor's in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting at Chipola College.  Kami first joined FBLA-PBL in high school, where she was afforded the opportunity to lead her local chapter as an officer over multiple years.  Because she so strongly believes that FBLa-PBL provides a solid platform to develop students into business leaders, Kami's focus is membership growth through strengthening the relationships between local FBLA and PBL chapters.



lauren drake

PBL District II Vice President

Our District II Vice President hails from Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univrsity!

Lauren is an Honors Program student majoring in Engineering Physics at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  She has been involved with Florida FBLA-PBL for the past five years.  After her high school experience in FBLA, Lauren knew PBL would be a necessary component of her dream college.  Serving as the District II Vice President, Lauren hopes to connect PBL chapters to each other and to local FBLA chapters



jeancarlo leon

PBL District IIi Vice President

Your District III Vice President is an Industrial Engineering student at Valencia College and part of the Seneff Honors College pursuing the Undergraduate Honors Research Track.

Jeancarlo's career goal is to become a Business Consultant.  His passions include entrepreneurship, aviation, politics, and clean-energy ventures.  His goals include an increase in training for soft skills and professional development skills, encouraging empowerment among members, increasing current chapter's growth and starting new chapters.  Moreover, he wants to support chapters' networking and plan bonding and career events.



Alexander Syromyatnikov

PBL District IV Vice President

Alexander is enthusiastic about serving as your PBL District IV Vice President.

Alexander is currently completing his classes at the University of South Florida and intends to receive a Bachelor's in Finance.  He looks to establish great connections with other officers and PBL members.  This officer looks to inspire other individuals to accomplish their goals in life and further improve their professional standing.  His outlook is to incentivize the organization to grow regionally and create positive and long-lasting experiences.



Ana Diaz Espino

PBL District V Vice President

Our District V Vice President attends Broward College.

Ana joined PBL in the Fall of 2016.  She currently serves as president of her chapter and the District V Vice President.  Ana is finishing her associates in business administration and is working toward continuing her education abroad.  She is passionate about creating strong relationships and helping others find their strengths.  Ana's mission is to increase and maintain membership and communication within the chapters and districts.  Ana is thrilled to work with the other state officers to make Florida PBL a better, stronger team and to continue discovering leadership skills.



Nick Hernandez

PBL State Secretary

Nick is excited to serve as your Florida PBL State Secretary.

Nick is a junior at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, pursuing a Bachelor's in Unmanned Aircraft Systems and a minor in Aviation Law.   He has been a member of PBL since 2015 and has moved up the ranks of his local chapter.   Nick plans to bring members closer together and make things easier for the officers by creating a smooth network between the districts and other officers.  He hopes to leave an impact like the other before him who dared to dream.