• Participants must meet the specifications set forth in the competitive events’ section of the current edition of the FLORIDA FBLA-PBL STATE HANDBOOK.

• Chapters may enter six contestants in each objective test and each skill event.

• Chapters may enter only one contestant or team (as specified) in:   Business Decision Making, Business Ethics, Business Presentation, Client Service,  Emerging Business Issues, Financial Services, Future Business Executive, Future Business Teacher, Help Desk, Hospitality Management, Human Resource Management, Impromptu Speaking, Job Interview, Management Analysis & Decision Making, Marketing Analysis & Decision Making, Network Design, Parliamentary Procedure, Public Speaking, and Sales Presentation. 

• Contestants on the state level may enter up to three different events in the following combinations:

 Three objective tests OR
 Two objective tests and one performance OR
 Two objective tests and one skill OR
 One objective test and two skill OR
 One objective test, one performance, and one skill


 Some adjustment to this provision may be required on the part of the contestant when two events operate concurrently.  Students may enter the Christopher Heider, Rob Kelleher, or Who's Who event in addition to their three other events.   (Members are reminded that you may only enter two events at the National Leadership Conference.)