This event recognizes PBL chapters that develop community service projects that are successfully implemented to serve the citizens of the community.

Report must describe one chapter project that serves the community.  The project must be in the interest of the community and be designed for chapter participation rather than individual participation.  Local chapters are encouraged to perform a wide range of service activities, but to focus on one project in detail for this report.



State Limited to one entry per charter that is on record in the FBLA/PBL state office as having paid state and national dues by February 15 of the current school year.

National See national guidelines:



• The entry form found in the SLC registration packet, a hard copy of the written project, and an online submission of the report must be sent to the State adviser's office received by the date specified in the SLC registration packet.


• General Report Guidelines

1. Student members, not advisers, must prepare reports. 

2. Reports must describe activities of the chapter that were conducted between the start of the previous State Leadership Conference and start of the current State Leadership Conference. 

3. Penalty points will be given if the written project doesn’t adhere to the report guidelines.


• Report Cover Guidelines 

1. Report covers must be of a weight such as cover stock, index stock, or card stock and include both a front and back cover.

2. Report covers are not counted against the page limit and may contain other information.

3. Covers may not be in plastic binders, be laminated, or have a plastic sheet overlaying the printed cover. No items, such as labels or decals, may be attached to the front cover. Two- or three-ring binders are not acceptable report covers. 

4. Cutout cover stock covers are allowed, but the page containing the cover information is included in the page count. 

5. Front cover must contain the following information: name of the school, name of the state, name of the event, and year (20xx–20xx). 

6. All reports must be bound (e.g., tape binding, spiral binding).


• Report Content Guidelines

1. Include a Table of Contents with page numbers.

2. Follow the rating sheet sequence in writing the report. If information is not available for a particular criterion, include a statement to that effect in the report. 

3. Pages must be numbered and must be standard 8 1/2” x 11” paper. Each side of the paper providing information is counted as a page. Pages must not be laminated or bound in sheet protectors.

4. Reports must not exceed 15 pages (a title page, divider pages, and appendices are optional and must be included in the page count).

5. Copies should be sent rather than important original documents. No items may be attached to any page in the report. 


• Projects described in the report cannot be submitted in any other event except in the Local Chapter Annual Business Report.  A project that previously placed first or second at an SLC is not eligible for this event.

• Reports judged in state competition will be returned to the respective chapter adviser.  Reports judged at the national level become property of FBLA-PBL, Inc.  These reports may be used for publication or reproduced for sale by the national association.



Written Report

Report format must follow the same sequence shown on the rating sheet.  If information is not available for a particular criterion, an appropriate statement should be included in the report.  The report must be similar to that of a business report with substantiated statements in a clear and concise format.  Creativity through design and use of meaningful graphics is encouraged.


Oral Presentation

Based on the highest written report scores, a maximum of five (5) chapters will be selected to make oral presentations at the State Leadership Conference.

Chapters failing to report on time for their oral presentation may be disqualified.  Participants in the oral presentation component must adhere to the dress code established by the board of directors, or they will not be permitted to participate in the competitive event.

Competitors are responsible for bringing their own device for this event and must be able to show their presentation to the judges on this device as there will be no use of projectors.

Up to three (3) members from each local chapter selected for the finals will give an oral presentation at the State Leadership Conference. Seven (7) minutes will be allowed for the oral presentation, which will describe the project and the results obtained. All team members are expected to actively participate in the performance.

Visual aids and samples specifically related to the project may be used; however, all equipment used for the presentation must be provided by the chapter.  No items may be left after the presentation with either the judges or the audience.

A timekeeper will stand at six (6) minutes and again at seven (7) minutes.  When the presentation is finished, the timekeeper will record the time used, noting a deduction of five (5) points for presentations over seven (7) minutes.  

Following each presentation, the judges may conduct a three-minute (3) question-and-answer period.  The performance is open to conference attendees, except performing participants of this event.




Reports will be reviewed by a screening committee to determine if chapters have complied with event eligibility and regulations.  A panel of judges will select the finalists before the State Leadership Conference.  A separate panel of judges will evaluate the oral presentations.  Final rank is determined by totaling the written report scores and the oral presentation scores.  All decisions of the judges are final.



State      State awards for the top three places are presented at the State Leadership Conference.

National      The judges will determine the number of awards presented at the National Leadership Conference.  The maximum number will be ten.